COVID-19: Live aviation industry briefing – Simon Hocquard

Through this live online briefing, Simon Hocquard, Director General of CANSO, will provide you with a first look into CANSO’s new data-driven insights, and explore how the air traffic management (ATM) sector is working on contingency plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advocating for ATM and aviation, Simon will also explore the cross-industry collaboration that is happening as we speak, and offer best practice guidance for the future.

Brought to you by International Airport Review, this live industry briefing is designed to ensure you remain up to date in regard to the impacts of coronavirus. As the global crisis continues to evolve, these briefings will ensure you have access to the most relevant and quality-assured insights.

This exclusive briefing will cover:

  • Air traffic management today
    • keeping the skies open
  • A first-look at ‘CANSO-Aireon data-driven insights’
    • Global traffic trends
    • The regional picture
  • Navigating COVID-19 in ATM
    • Contingency planning
    • Business planning
    • National planning 
  • The voice of the industry
    • Advocating for ATM and aviation
    • Cross-industry collaboration
    • Best practice advice and guidance
  • Future planning

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Simon Hocquard
Director General

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